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Yoga Retreat

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Explore the essence of yoga with himalayan yogies.


Make rigorous transformations in lifestyle.


Healing comes from within as much as it does from outside.


Treaks, Rafting, Wildlife Safari, ancient Temples.
Best yoga retreat in Spain

November 07th-13th, 2023

The Endless Summer Retreat In Andalusia, Spain

Discover miles of walking trails in the dunes and improve your yoga practice nearby azure blue Mediterranean Sea. 
This retreat is perfect fit for those who seek yoga and adventure at the same time. 
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Best yoga retreat in india

November 15th-21, 2023

Yogic Detox Retreat In Himalayas, India

Learn yoga in the colours of spirituality and feel the vibrations that enhance every nuance of the being.
At Sakshi Bhava Yoga, we take care of your luxury, comfort, privacy and safety so that you can break truly free in a unique ecosystem where rare birds, glistening white sand and a shimmering night sky take residence protected by the mighty Himalayas. 

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Best yoga retreat in Morroco

Febuary 21 To 26 , 2023

Yoga Retreat In Morroco

The beauty of magical landscape, shimmering night sky, vibrant berbere culture and real Himalayan yoga are the best words to describe our retreat. Close to Marrakech's liveliness we are offering a balance of yoga, adventure and relaxation.
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Best retreat in Switzerland

May 02nd-07th, 2023

Traditional Yoga And Hiking In Grindelwald, Switzerland

On a hike through the magnificent valleys and gorges, no one can escape the beauty of the wildly romantic nature, you can discover a flora and fauna that is second to none 
Mountain tours that start in the snow end in large chestnut forests; if the gentian blooms on the alpine pastures, you can admire the camellia on the lake promenades. 
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More than ever before the 'New Age Individual' moving on today’s fast track recognizes the need to retreat, find holistic remedies, and rejuvenating locales. Sakshi Bhava is an internationally operating and registered yoga platform. We are recreating the synergy of mind, body and intellect not just through the reconnection with nature, but through the rejuvenating and ancient processes and philosophies of ayurveda and yoga.

Yoga at Sakshi Bhava is completely pure and traditional in form, stemming from the roots of Hatha Yoga. Our experienced yoga teachers will help balancing your being and assisting you to achieve health and improvement in awareness practices. 

For this process of self-awareness, the practice of meditation is one of the key tools to help harmonize the mind and tap into the potential of higher consciousness. In our retreats and trainings we provide daily meditation and breathwork sessions, to give you more access to your inner journey.