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Jaqueline Ovanesyan

New York, USA

As a student and instructor at Sakshi Bhava Yoga I can truly say that I recommend this studio with an open heart. So many wonderful instructors including Amit who is just an amazing soul himself. He listens to all your needs and tries to satisfy each individual. The studio is incredibly clean and is up to anyone’s expectations. I highly recommend you come here even if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, they have classes for all levels of students along with different styles !! Come see for yourself and become a part of the Sakshi Bhava Yoga family!.

MeltemSultan Ekici


Great for any level, even beginners! I came in a little scared as someone who never goes to the gym, never played any sports, and sits at a desk for 10hours a day but the instructors are so kind and patient, they really want you to enjoy the class and teach you along the way without making you feel like an outsider or a loser. It really teaches you a lot about patience with yourself, discipline to continue, and finding gratitude during the quiet moments. A truly grounding experience.

Anna Silaghi

Texas, USA

I started taking classes in 2019 and then decided to attend the YTT in India. I had never thought of teaching yoga myself, so I wasn’t sure why at first, but something in me told me I had to go. This teacher training completely enhanced my personal practice and the way I think. We spent our days in a Traditional Ashram, learning all aspects of yoga, with dedicated and experienced teachers. We also went on adventures up in the mountains, and hiked up to the tallest temples…It was a very exciting yet grounding experience. With high spiritual and loving energy. Yogi Amit teaches true Yoga. I recommend taking classes here, and if you are thinking of doing the teacher training, do it 100%.



Most legit yoga experience I've had coast to coast in 15+ years of practicing. I've done breathing focused, meditation focused, hot, Ashtanga (my fav so far), and more.... this studio and instructor incorporates the best of the best. Such an education - a true teacher and practitioner! His individual attention to everyone and their unique needs - be it an advanced inversion or beginners adjustment or even prenatal - it's astounding how individualized the group experienceis! All while keeping the right evergy in the class whether it's introspection, laughing, or motivation. This is by far the best yoga experience of my life. Don't hesitate. Go!.

Mindfully Modern

Rishikesh, India

Sakshi Bhava Yoga Studio is one of the best in New York City. Amit is an amazing instructor extremely knowledgeable and very attentive to your personal needs. I highly recommend anyone to stop by and take his class you will not be disappointed. Whether you want to Advance you're yoga practice, perfect, or even begin you will find lots of love and comfort at this studio.

Juliya Dob

Dusseldorf, Germany

The retreat in Tenerife was exactly what I needed physically, emotionally and spiritually. After eating an ayurvedic breakfast daily I have started making more positive choices in my morning diet routine. I came to this retreat on my own and made some lifelong friends. I felt so taken care of and improved my yoga practice - Yogi Gaurav is an outstanding teacher!